Da Hon Enterprises Company Limited was founded in 2014 as a Hong Kong medical supply distributor. We specialize in sourcing and selling the medical consumables, medical devices, patient rehabilitation products, anti-epidemic protection products in Hong Kong. Our major customers are Hospital Authority Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Clinics, Dental Clinics, Veterinary Clinics and patients who need post-surgery care. We distribute variety of General Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology products from reputable medical device manufacturers all over the world such as US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Korea, Japan, China.

Our company consist of strong sales team and supporting department to keep up the service. Our team are experienced in medical device industry for more than 10 years. Those working experience could help building a stable network in hospitals.

We are committed to sourcing, promoting, distributing high quality medical products to satisfy the need of our customers.